Here are the messages by series. Please click on the graphic for  the series to bring up a  page with all the sermon titles and dates to choose from.



A Sermon series through Daniel

August 2018



A Sermon series on Revelation

February - August 2018 

Core Values

A Sermon series on What We Believe

January 2018 -  February 2018

Real Royalty

A Study through the book of Esther
October- December 2017


Riches In Christ

A Study Through Ephesians
January-September 2017

A Restful Heart

A Study through 2 Corinthians

August- December 2016

Rest in Christ

A Study through 1 Corinthians
January- July 2016


A New Creation

Study in Romans

August - December 2015

Born Again

Study in John

January - July 2015

Potential (in Christ)

August - December 2014

Triple A

April - July 2014

It Begins with Jesus!

January - April 2014

Dig Deep

October - December 2013

Back to  Basics

The Seven Churches of Revelation

August - October 2013



Upon This Rock

Study in Acts

January - July 2013



Core Building

November - December 2012

Building with Purpose

Study in Galatians

September - November 2012

Building on Faith

Study in Hebrews

May - September 2012