Non-Series Messages by Pastor Ron and Guest Speakers

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1/1/17 "The Path of Life" Ron McLaughlin  
12/24/16 "Christmas Eve" Ron McLaughlin  
10/9/16 "Broken but not Hopeless" Dr. Greg Fell  
8/14/16 "Trust without Borders - 2" David Westergaard  
8/7/16 "Trust without Borders" David  Westergaard  
6/5/16 "King of Kavode" Mike Altstiel   
4/24/16 "Good Fruit" Devin Foley  
3/27/16 "Complete in Christ" (Easter 2016) Ron  McLaughlin
2/14/16 "Giving Thanks for God's Great Salvation" Terry Pulse
1/10/16 "Fireworks" Nic Ewing  
1/3/16 "Invitation to Rest" Ron McLaughlin  
12/24/15 "Christmas Eve 2015" Ron McLaughlin  
11/15/15 "Prayer Life - Who Needs It?" Kim Henningsen
10/11/15 "How Then Shall We Live?" Dr. Greg Fell
8/9/15 "That Look of Confidence" David Westergaard
8/2/15 "Moment By Moment Choices" David Westergaard
5/17/15 "The Mystery of the Gospel" Mark Merchen
4/5/15 "Jesus Christ ... was raised from the dead" Ron McLaughlin
3/22/15 "Old Body - New Body" Terry Pulse  
2/8/15 "Fear Not" Mitch Hildebrant  
1/4/15 "The Beginning (arche)" Ron McLaughlin
12/28/14 "Grace and Glory Ron McLaughlin
12/21/14 "Trained By Saving Grace" Ron McLaughlin
11/9/14 "Anchors Away" Kim Henningsen  
10/12/14 "Gotta Light?" Dr.  Greg Fell  
8/10/14 "Undivided Attention" David Westergaard  
8/3/14 "Divided Attention" David Westergaard  
6/22/14 "Godliness: Imitation or Incarnation" Mark Merchen  
5/4/14 "A Fresh Look at Paslm 23:1-4" Terry Pulse  
4/20/14 "Just the Easter Message" Ron McLaughlin
3/9/14 "I Don't Fear the Sharks" David Westergaard  
1/12/14 "FAITHFULNESS Carpe Diem - Seize the  Day" Dale Bartscher
1/5/14 "Godliness" Ron McLaughlin  
12/29/13 "Kings and Priests" Ron McLaughlin
12/24/13 "Christmas Eve" Ron McLaughlin  
11/10/13 "Fan or Follower" Kim Henningsen  
10/13/13 "At the End of the Day" Dr. Greg Fell  
8/11/13 "Drawing Near to God" - part 2 David Westergaard  
8/4/13 "Drawing Near to God" - part 1 David Westergaard  
7/21/13 "Missions Sunday" Multiple Speakers  
6/2/13 "The Lord Is My Shepherd"    
4/21/13 "MEEKNESS - Really!" Mike Gibson  
3/10/13 "In the Midst of Our Circumstances" David Westergaard  
1/13/13 "Embracing the Ministry of Reconciliation"    
1/6/13 "Themelios" Ron McLaughlin
12/30/12 "The Secret to a HAPPY New Year" Ron McLaughlin  
12/23/12 "The Christmas Question" Ron McLaughlin  
11/11/12 "Uncovering Our Idols" Tom Haggerty  
10/14/12 "The Lost Saved" Dr. Greg Fell
8/5/12 "So What Am I Supposed to Do with This?" David  Westergaard
7/29/12 "Basking in God's Amazing Love" David  Westergaard
7/22/12 "Called to Adoption" Wes & Kim Roth & Renee Eggebratten  
6/3/12 "Don't Worry Be Happy" Bob Cole
4/29/12 "So, Is This the End Times?" Mark Merchen  
4/8/12 "God's Logo" Ron McLaughlin  
3/25/12 "Addictions" Cory Harouff  
2/12/12 "Garbage In - Garbage Out" David Westergaard  
1/8/12 "Building is a Verb" Ron McLaughlin