What to Expect

  • Biblical Worship
    God tells us to enter in giving thanks and praising Him.
    Therefore, we spend time singing about HIm and to Him.
    In other words, we delight in the Lord and celebrate together what He means to us.
  • Clear Bible Teaching
    Every part is Biblical, relevant and useful.
  • Passionate Prayer
    We make no bones about it. We spend a lot of our worship time in prayer.
  • Family Focus
    Entire families take part in our worship celebration.
    There is a nursery for babies and toddlers.
    However, all children are always welcome in our worship celebration.
    We have found that they can teach us much about prayer and faith.
  • Friendly Folks
    Fellowship is more than coffee & doughnuts, but we start with those.
    Feel free to join us for fresh coffee and doughnuts not only before and after the service, but anytime during the worship celebration time.
  • Relaxed Atmosphere & Attire
    We like to be comfortable in our celebration time.
    That means comfortable dress, sitting around tables, worshiping in our own way,
    whatever is comfortable for you.

Long story short - if you are comfortable, so are we.